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Escaping the Work at Home Blues
Self-employed guru Gil Gordon, an expert in the implementation of telecommuting and telework, combines his love of travel and photography to get away from his home office. He enjoys connecting with nature, and appreciates the craft of being a nature writer as much as a nature photographer. Browse through galleries of his travels when you're cooked up in your home office, waiting for it to be vacation time.

Be Your Own Boss
Entrepreneur.com is a site for people who want to be in business for themselves. Learn if you have what it takes to start, run, and grown your own home-based business. Start by clicking on BIZ 101. Here you will find dozens of masterful articles on subjects ranging from how to attract new clients while still keeping existing customers happy, how to accurately project start-up costs for a new enterprise, the art of creating a buzz around your new business, and lots more. But don't stop there. Click on BE YOUR OWN BOSS and get tons of ideas from starting a new business to ways of conducting market research for free. This site is filled with articles on every aspect of being your own boss, creating your business plan, organizing your office and advice on practically every other aspect of being a home entrepreneur.

Get Great Tips for Dealing with Auto Body Shops
This site shares great information about how to deal with auto body shops effectively. Consumers will discover how this type of business works, what to do if they are involved in an accident and how diminished value relates to car repairs. Helpful information about when a driver needs to contact a lawyer and how an accident affects a driving record is also provided. For an auto body shop Los Angeles, see Westwood Auto Body.

Get Cheap Car Rentals from Priceline or Hotwire
Are you looking for a cheap car rental on a last-minute basis? Rather than paying higher than usual rates for your ride, consider checking out what Priceline and Hotwire have to offer. Hotwire allows consumers to see available prices for cheap auto rentals up front (with the provider name cloaked), while Priceline allows consumers to name their own price for car rentals and other travel arrangements. This page explains the drawbacks to dealing with each site as well. If you need a car rental in Los Angeles 21 years old, see Rent A Wreck. For a car rental Venice Beach, visit Marathon Car Rental, an independent that'll pick you up within a 3-mile radius of its Marina del Rey location, serving Culver City, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Buying Bulk Mailing Software Isn't Enough: Tracking Results is Also Important
Find out how a business owner who is planning to send out 120,000 pieces in a series of mass mailings over the course of a year should implement testing to determine the success of the bulk mailing program. Discover why the mailing list should be cleaned regularly using postal software, as well as the average number for "undeliverable" items in a direct mail campaign. For mailing software and cass software, see MailersMVP.

7 Ways You Can Take Your Home Office from Good to Great
Find out how a quiet, private space that is painted in an attractive color hue can help you focus on your home business functions more effectively. Add some greenery and take steps to conquer trash and clutter and see how far you can take your home-based business. The suggestions in this informative article will have you thinking about your home office in a new way.

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