Design of Specific Rooms

Functional Kitchen Design
Kitchen design includes replacing or enhancing many of the functional aspects of your kitchen, such as cabinets, appliances, storage areas, walkways, countertops, etc. Overall, your kitchen will look beautiful from a functional and architectural standpoint, but you will still have to decorate it. This article discusses easy ways to decorate your kitchen with cabinetry, picture frame lights, containers and sculptures. Do-it-yourself ideas include using plants in the kitchen for décor, building your own kitchen tree, updating a kitchen chandelier, and creating kitchen crafts. Links to easy kitchen ideas, spicing up your kitchen and kitchen décor themes.

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: A Decorative Addition to Your Backyard or Patio
This site is a good source of information about the benefits that homeowners can get when they install one of the many decorative outdoor electric fireplaces on the market in their outdoor living space. These models can beautify your backyard, gazebo, patio or deck. Find out why outdoor electric fireplaces have become so popular in recent years.

27 Smart and Alternative Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Decorating your bathroom requires strong imagination and getting out from the conventional techniques. If you don’t know how, be inspired with this collection of odd bathroom decorating ideas by BuzzFeed. Here, you will see a chalkboard replacing a mirror, an entire wall painted with chalkboard, a radiator painted with crazy color, reusing an old bicycle as a bathroom sink, a shower curtain replaced with an umbrella, using a screen instead of drapes, a painted bathtub, an entire bathroom painted in black, using of multiple mirrors instead of just one, using of canopy instead of shower curtains, and more.

Decorating Your Living Room
This website gives living room decorating tips to help you make the most of your living room. The living room decorating tips include arranging furniture around the focal point of the living room, using colors to create a warm, relaxing feeling, and using mirrors in the living room to create space and depth. Other tips include using unique lamps, adding small furniture, placing statues for elegance in the room and utilizing your personal taste and family heirlooms.

Home Office Decorating
Not only does this site help you design, layout and decorate your home office, it also helps you decide on a location for your office, it helps you decorate not only for a pleasing effect but also for functionality, and it helps you pick out the perfect desk, the perfect chair, filing cabinets, book shelves or other forms of shelving, and helps with your choice of office equipment, lighting, wiring and more. This site doesn't stop there. Click on Tips & Tricks and you'll find an almost endless list of articles covering everything from creating a dust free bedroom to a furniture glossary to hints and tricks for laying bathroom tile, to decorating a lamp shade, painting furniture, making candles and a whole lot more. Find a ton of idea-packed articles on kitchen design, kids' rooms, bed and bath, living spaces, and even ideas for decorating your garden.

Dining Room Style Gallery on Houzz
Sometimes the best way to get home decoration ideas is simply to browse the Internet. This vast gallery more than 350,000 photos of dining rooms on Houzz shows a wealth of different dining room themes and décor styles. From the shabby chic dining room to a country dining room, photos show different dining room design possibilities. There aren’t too many elegant styles here, more are contemporary but are still upscale choices for designing the dining room of your dreams.

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