Ideas Better Elder Living (01) is an online magazine founded in 2007 and specially dedicated to seniors. Here, you can read tons of helpful tips on various categories. This includes health and wellness; lifestyles and living arrangements; relationships; fashion and lifestyle; activities and exercises, hobbies such as traveling; as well as spiritual choices. There are also articles about pets for seniors and how they can bond each other. Some articles are summaries of posts from different websites that talk about seniors. If you want to read related books, they have a special page for them.

Elder Living Guide
With so many advances in the field of geriatrics and senior health, there are more options than ever for elders to take good care of themselves. This site features information on Alzheimerís disease, arthritis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, disease prevention, elder care, hypertension, heart health, exercise for seniors, sexual health, strokes, vascular disease, osteoporosis, Parkinsonís disease and more. Click on a topic and it explains what the condition is and how you can prevent it and deal with it. New treatments are discussed for each, as well as information on medical screening. With so many advances in senior health, itís important to read up on them and this is a great place to start.

Fire Prevention: Why Seniors Should Pay Attention to Rules
Everyone should note popular fire safety and fire prevention tips, but elderly citizens need to be especially educated as to fire safety and prevention. As aging adults, they have delayed response times and can experience memory loss. Thatís why you should stay in the kitchen and watch the stove when you cook, keep space between space heaters and anything that can burn like furniture and rugs. Seniors should avoid smoking indoors and use large ashtrays if they do. Itís a great idea for elders to have a fire escape route planned, and to make sure their smoke alarms are regularly updated with fresh batteries.

Retirement Resources for Elders
If youíre retired or thinking about planning your retirement, the Retirement Living Information Center has plenty of resources for senior citizens. You can pick a state to find out about active adult living communities and other elderly living facilities, or find the best destinations for retirement. Compare taxes by state to learn about retirement income, property taxes and senior exemptions. Find out about retirement living news by following trends in housing and retirement lifestyles. And you can check out retirement communities, as well as looking through senior publications online, as well as state agencies concerned with the elderly.


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