Do-it-yourself Home Improvement Projects Carpeting
A lot of good information covering every aspect of carpeting for the do-it-yourselfer: Decisions when selecting carpeting regarding choosing fiber and density, text, color, size, pattern or plain, Articles on how carpeting contributes to a sense of space, maintenance, and mood. Articles on carpet repair and patching, installing and removing carpeting, cleaning and care, dyeing carpet. Practical tips on shopping for carpet, pretesting, carpet stretching, promoting longevity of your carpet, and other tips and tricks.

Auto Body Repair: How to Paint a Car
A person who is interested in looking after painting a car at home as a DIY auto repair project should take the time to learn about the right way to approach it first. They will find techniques to perform the work, as well as the truism that applying the top coat is a very small part of doing this job. Getting the surface ready to apply the paint is much more time consuming. Site visitors are reminded that they need to make sure that they are complying with local environmental laws before starting to work. Westwood Auto Body is the place to go for auto painting Los Angeles. The use the best materials and give a lifetime guarantee on their work.

Designing a Patio Around a Fire Pit
An outdoor fire pit is a natural focal point to an outdoor space, and planning its location requires careful consideration. Find out why the fire pit should be placed away from the eating area of your patio. Information about poor fire pit placement has also been provided, along with information about why setting up an opposing feature is a good choice for your backyard space and suggestions for choosing a material for your fire pit. Be sure to check out the beautiful fire pit images here, too!

Homeowners Looking for a Roofing Contractor Get Tips and Hints
Looking for a roofing contractor is not something the average homeowner does every day, and it can be challenging to find a qualified individual or company to perform the work. When interviewing candidates, asking the same questions each time can be an effective way to evaluate different options and a list of what information to gather from each one is listed on this informative site.

Building a Tabletop Water Fountain is a Simple DIY Project
Not only will you discover the benefits of placing a tabletop water feature in your home by visiting this informative site, but you will find detailed instructions so you can build your own! Discover how you can use a container you already have in your home as the base for your fountain, the health benefits of adding a tabeltop fountain to your decorating scheme, and how to prepare rocks from your own garden for including in the final display. Once you have completed your own objet d'art, the handy maintenance tips provided here will help you keep it running smoothly for some time.

Kitchen Refacing.Org
The site provides kitchen cabinet refacing instructions, how to and supply source information, with FAQs, help and instructions. You can also ask questions of Mr. Refacer. Instructions cover needed tools, preparing face frames and end panels for pressure-sensitive veneer, covering end panels and face frames (i.e., end panels, pressure-sensitive veneer, stiles, rails, and trimming overlap from stiles and rails), and hanging doors and drawer fronts.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Roofs But Were Afraid to Ask
Roof has you covered when it comes to roofs and roofing information. Check out the Library for informative and professional articles on everything from ice dams, black mold, insulation failure, proper ventilation, how to determine the proper slope for your roof, a good list of building codes, how to deal with algae discoloration, information on how to know when an old roof needs to be removed or simply covered over, lists of roofing associations and testing organizations, and how to make your roof "winter proof". There is also a Glossary of roofing terms, Hints & Tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and an email grab bag of the most common questions asked by Do-It-Yourselfers and the answers, descriptions of different kinds of roofs with helpful hints on what might be best for your particular situation, questions and answers about contractors, and a whole lot more to make your roofing experience as fast, as easy, and as economical as possible.

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