Nutrition Ideas for Better Health (01)

Holistic Nutrition
Holistic nutrition focuses on conscious eating to promote a healthy body and a sound mind and to strengthen the immune system in preventing and fighting disease. This article lists the guidelines for healthy and conscious eating, such as foods to eat, foods to avoid and other holistic nutrition considerations. It also offers explanations on why a variety of nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, locally grown fruits and vegetables, organic foods, essential fatty acids and foods in their natural state must be consumed regularly, and why an excess of processed sugar, salt, trans fats, food additives and GMOs must not be part of the diet.

What’s New in Nutrient Therapy?
This site discusses the importance and basics of nutrient therapy. This type of medical therapy is being used by doctors today, but not as many as one may think. The field is expected to grow. This site is about optimum nutrition, and includes topic on natural health remedies, weight problems, acid-alkaline balance, hyperactivity in children, attention deficit disorder, emotional freedom techniques, health insurance, hypnosis solutions, nutrition and depression, healthy eating and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Losing Weight the Natural Way
Losing weight is never easy; a lot of people never have time for exercise, and sticking to diets is easier said than done. According to this article published by The Connecticut Center for Health, most weight loss programs hardly ever work because they do not target the root cause of obesity, and most often come in one-size-fits-all regimens. Conventional weight loss treatments include exercise, changing eating habits, and taking appetite-suppressing drugs; some people even undergo surgery. However, there is a healthy and natural way of losing weight: naturopathy, which focuses on changing one’s approach to weight loss, identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the weight gain, setting up a dietary plan and exercise, among others – while paying attention to individual needs.

Radish: Nutrition Facts, Preparation and Safety Reminders
Radish is one of the vegetables many love in salads as well as in main recipes. But in this article, you will know more about this nutritious root vegetable. Here, you will understand the different types of radishes. You will also learn its health benefits, including being a good source of vitamin C, and containing anti-oxidant compound called sulforaphane. For a more in-depth analysis, you can check the table from the USDA National Nutrient Database. There are also some recommendations on how to prepare radish, besides the fact that it can be eaten raw. The last part has brief information on the compounds that may be present in radish.

Dr. Klaper: Plant-Only Medicine Man
Want to know the latest studies with regard to vegetarian diets? This site has clinical research information, study details and information to join vegan-eating diets. The is the site for Dr. Michael Klaper, who offers nutritional information and strategies for common conditions. The site offers news bites, DVDs, videos on demand and free videos. It also offers videos from Dr. Klaper's Healthy You webinar series on topics related to health, nutrition and science. There is a large questions and answers section.


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