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Getting Started Investing in Commercial Real Estate
There are significant advantages to commercial real-estate investments over investments in residential properties, according to this article in Fortune Builders. Commercial properties, which include office buildings, retail, apartment buildings, warehouses, and mixed-use buildings, offer a golden opportunity to build massive wealth over a period of time. The marked advantages of commercial real-estate investments are high earnings potential, steady cash flow, attractive leasing contracts, and low vacancy risks. The downside of this part of the real estate industry is that investors in commercial spaces must do intense property research and due diligence with proper legal consultation before signing deals.

Hotel Investment Forum India
This is the home age of Hotel Investment Forum India (HIFI). HIFI hosts India's premier hotel investment conference. This gathering provides the planners, leaders, and investors in the Indian hotel and tourism industry to discuss and share market trends, opportunities, and risks while networking with industry peers and exploring new business opportunities. This conference includes plenary sessions, breakout panels, and interactive workshops. HIFI is also the proud partner of Youth Career Initiative India or YCI. YCI collaborates with the international hotel industry to deliver work and life skills to the youth, with a mission to make them economically independent.

Barcelona - Main Target for Luxury Hotels
The city of Barcelona is going through a major overhaul, as the current restriction on hotel construction licenses have impacted 40 constructions, eight of which are luxury and 5-star hotels. Even at this painful juncture, Barcelona still leads in the potential for high standing establishments. Barcelona represents 13% of the total 5-star accommodations, followed by London at 10% and Paris at 7.5%. According to a Aguirre Newman study, Barcelona is leading in the luxury hotel industry. This study further states that out of the total 70,000 hotel accommodations available in Barcelona, 9,150 are in luxury hotels.

Invest in Spain's Tourism Industry
According to this Manda Spain article, Spain is on top of popularity charts for both the international tourists and investors. Now Spain has robbed the third position from China in the global list of most popular tourist destinations. Spain is also the most viewed online tourist destination in Europe. Bloom Consulting "Country Brand Ranking" rates Spain as the most popular online investment destination. Spain's beaches and golf courses rank very high on Internet searches—2.9 million out of a total of 7.8 million for the tourism sector. Many travel business owners have developed mobile apps for travel and hotel bookings. The growth of Spanish start-ups has led to many foreign investments.

Is the Miami Real-Estate Market Too High for Investing?
This 2012 Bigger Pockets forum discussion thread about the prospects in Miami reveals that investors were losing faith in the real estate market. The Miami beaches hailed the tourists but disappointed the commercial real estate investors. The local property owners had their eyes peeled for international investors who were expected to be back during the sunny summer months. The 2012 Miami market was highly competitive, leaving very little margins on investment properties. This forum discussion reaffirmed public hope in the economic recovery and sure enough, a year later things did turn for the better in the Miami commercial real estate market.

Benefits of Investing in Hotel Real Estate
Novo Apart Hotel in this article tells why investing in a hotel real estate is a smarter decision than investing in a conventional residential real estate market. Traditionally, both real estate investments have rental yield. However, as most of you must be aware that a hotel real estate is managed and run by commercial establishments, which yields commercial rent. Moreover, your property is in the hands of professionals who will keep it in the best condition to earn more income from it. Though the waiting period might be slightly higher side, no doubt hotel real estate is a smarter choice for real estate investors now.

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