Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Hydroponics Systems Guide
Hydroponics spans the spectrum of growing, from amazingly simple setups that you can build from materials lying around your home to high-tech, computer-controlled super systems. You can build your own hydroponic growing system, and this site shows you how. It offers a hydroponic tutorial that includes a history of hydroponics, media-based and water culture hydroponic systems, light, nutrients and water, temperature and humidity. Beginners growing tips offer practical facts about conductivity, growing media, light, nutrients, ph and more.

Soil Alternative for Plants in Containers
This resource contains information about something called Plant Gel, which supposedly dramatically reduces the amount of watering required for plant containers and hanging baskets. Sound interesting, well, keep reading. Small water crystals absorb and store water for hanging plants and reduce the amount of water that those plants need. This site provides a lot of information about these crystals, which are a relatively new gardening innovation.

Hydroponic Lighting
The Learning Center on Greentrees Hydroponics has all kinds of information on hydroponic lighting. It has has a chart with information about electric hydroponic light sources. There are metal halide and high pressure sodium lights to help plants grow. Horticultural HID lighting is used by the worlds premier growers to provide many benefits simply unattainable with conventional fluorescent and incandescent lamps. The colors of the spectrum and how they affect plant growing are discussed here. Specifics about hydroponic lighting are offered here in this tutorial to help you choose the best hydroponic lighting for your hydroponic garden.

Japanese Gardens on Asia Welcome
This website dedicated to the art and culture of Japan proves an excellent section, with luscious photographs, on Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are serene and beautiful and provide joy to a lot of people. Typical Japanese gardens include water, bridges, statues, stones or lanterns. The site explains that Japanese gardens focus on nature entwined with dignity and grace. This informative online showcase discusses the Karesansui style of Japanese gardens, which means dry landscape, as well as other Japanese garden types. The Tsukiyama garden uses ponds, trees, bridges, hills and stones to create a miniature reproduction of natural scenery. And Chaniwa tea gardens, which are connected with a tea cerremony house are found throughout Japan. This an excellent resource if you are thinking about creating a Japanese garden, or just want to learn more about them.

Beginner's Guide to Perennial Gardening
Lewis Gardens has put together this informative guide to perennial gardening for beginner gardeners. If you want to create a perennial garden, but didn't know where to start, this is the site for you. Within this site, you will find gardening tips, topics and advice to aid in obtaining beautiful flower gardens. You can take a tour of a variety of perennial gardents, learn about different types of perennials. Plus, you'll find a Q&A section where you can get answers to your gardening questions. This site also features a glossary of gardening terms, information about specialty gardening, a gardening message board, a plant library and a gardening timetable.


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