Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Garden Supply: Advice, Ideas and Tips
This useful site will provide gardners with advice on which supplies, plants and tools you'll need to create your own backyard paradise. In addition, you'll get special tips on decorating gardens with birdhouses, patio accessories, fountains and even garden supplies. Do you want to learn how to grow the best tomatoes ever? How about reading about the special benefits of composting? This site has it all, in an easy-to-read format

The Patio Garden
On this online showcase, Jill Homer writes an informative article titled, Turn Your Patio Into a Vegetable Garden. Jill talks about condo life and how her only connection to the outdoors was a small porch where she decided create a garden. She discusses what plants make good patio plants and then offers eight tips for people who want to create a patio vegetable garden. Other features on the site include housecleaning tips, porch swings, building a waterfall, log furniture and working with a contractor. If you follow Jill's tips, you too could have a beautiful porch garden that brings color to your place.

Discover How to Choose the Right Garden Fountain for You
Garden fountains are a very popular choice right now, and for good reason. Residents of the Far East have understood for centuries that being around running water is soothing for the soul. Now that people living in the Western Hemisphere are getting on board, more and more of them are including garden fountains in their outdoor landscaping plans. Water, in any form, helps us to feel peaceful and serene. Get step-by-step instructions to help you find the right garden fountain here....including the fountain-maker's Cardinal rule! Discover the importance of having a plan in place before you hit the stores; you will be glad you did!

Gardening Diary Advice for Your English Garden
Surf on over to this informative site and learn about the garden, containers, fruit and vegetables, greenhouses, and the lawn. Each section contains a topical tip that will be sure to help you get started with your garden. Go back and read previous diaries to see what you have missed. A new diary is posted each month, so the content is constantly being refreshed.

Southern Illinois/Indiana Gardening Tips
The gardening tips on this page are tailored to Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri. For instance, people in that area will learn about slug control, fall crops, perennials, cool-weather annuals, and planting perennial seed. The Waterman and Hill Traveller's Companion puts out the information on this interesting gardening site. Check out other sections such as, moon gardening, fishing almanac, cougar watch and the archive.

Plants for the Western Garden
This site is chock full of information about gardening in the West. High Country Gardens features information from experts, tips on how to plant a low-care lawn, internet specials on products. This site's specialty is Xeriscape gardens. You'll find gardening tips a newsletter you can subscribe to and tons of other information. Don't know what xeriscape gardening is? Check out the principles of Xeriscaping and you'll learn that xeriscaping is creating a garden that doesn't rely heavily on water. Xeriscape comes from the Greek word xeri, which means dry. Peruse this site and learn more about this interesting environmentally aware concept.


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