Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes
This interactive website provides practical, accurate information on growing hydroponic tomatoes for students, hobbyists, and beginning growers. Hydroponic culture is one of the most exacting and intensive methods of crop production used in agriculture today. In the last two decades, there have been many advances in hydroponic technology through extensive research and development programs in the United States and Europe. And although hydroponics may be technology and capital intensive, it is also extremely productive and efficient in its water and land use. Whether you're interested in hydroponics as a hobby, an additional source of income, or you want to get into the commercial market, the future and opportunities in soil-less culture are favorable. This simple guide for growing hydroponic tomatoes aims to introduce people to the world of hydroponic gardening.

Feng Shui Garden Design Tips
Nowadays Feng Shui has many different applications. Have you ever thought about using Feng Shui in the garden? This section on has articles that will help you create and design your garden with items, colors and natural elements to give it the energy brought by feng shui design, and the more feng shui energy you put into your gardeing, the more healing energy will be contributed to your home energy. ARticles includes such information as the top 10 garden decor products for feng shui garden design, and feng shui design for adding a water feature to your garden. Most of the tips are simple and useful, such as "have a clear walkway to your door", "add a water fountain," or "create a herb garden."

Vegetable Gardening Tips FAQs
Practical advice about using vegetable gardenign is available here in question-and-answer format. There's a lot of different questions, and you can access them by clicking on links in the left hand column for the following categories: containers or grow boxes, mitigating heat in hot climates, mittleider method, compost and manure, vegetables and fruit, fertilizers, hydroponics, organic, pollination, seeds, soil, watering, weeding, greenhouses, controlling pests and diseases, crop rotation, hard times or emergency gardening, growing seedlings, trees, flowers, commercial growing, soil preparation, pruning vining crops, planting times for vegetables, fall crops, preserving the harvest, plant spacing, propagating fruits and vegetables, garden layout and design, square foot gardening, vertical growing, sustainable gardening, and more.

Add a Waterfall Garden Fountain
While you might dream of having a garden with a large pond as the focal point, for a lot of people this is not an option, either for practical or budget reasons. You don't need to settle for an outside space without a water element at all. Any type of container can be used for your garden fountain, so don't be afraid to experiment with different types for a look that is all your own. Creating a unique garden fountain doesn't end with your container; by combining an interesting array of colorful plants, you make your garden your own private retreat.

Fall Bulb Planting Tips and Advice
If you have ever wanted to plant bulbs, here is a good article of clear, simple tips on D&G Gardens and Crafts to start with to learn the ropes and get started. This site advises that if you plant bulbs correctly, you can enjoy them for years to come. Tips include purchasing larger bulbs or more smaller ones, choosing firm building, selecting a location with good drainage, planting bulbs twice as deep as they are tall, how to plant bulbs in relation to each other, and how to plbnt builbs to keep animals from digging them up. The page provides a printer friendly PDF of the aricle for those who want to keep it for reference.


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