Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips
The Family Handyman provides a bevy of lawn and garden resources to assist you in gardening or landscaping. Learn about pest control, indoor herb gardens and watering strategies. Other topics covered include: structures and paths, bulbs and flowers, edibles, container gardens, garden basics, and houseplants. There is a useful "ask the expert" column and an article index. Their garden store will help you find that perfect gardening tool you have been looking for.

Vegetable Garden Watering Tips
Water is very important in a vegetable garden, especially when it makes up 80-90 percent of the vegetable's "fresh weight". This site offers tips such as suggesting the use of an inch of water per week in the summer. Water can either be provide via the garden hose or by Mother Nature. Water affects fruit size, yield, and quality, so refer to this site to make sure you are watering your vegetable garden correctly. This site provides information in the form of nine tips.

Indoor Plant Grow Light Guide
This page on ACF Greenhouses site is very informative about the options and what's involved in using horticultural lighting systems to extend your growing season by bringing plants indoors or just getting a jump start on seedling ahead of the late frost. It outlines the main types of lighting systems. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is moswt e3fficient, and there are two types: metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Fluorescent grow lights have low output and are energy efficient; the most popular are CFL (compact flurescent grow lights) and T5 tube grow lights. Incandescent lights are the most inexpensive but also the most inefficient and are best used for individual plants. LED grow lights are the newest lighting option, but the site claims it has tested many and found none that can outperform cheaper fluorescent lights of similar voltage. The page provides a useful light output comparison chart and a heat output chart.

Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening Learning Center
Greentrees Hydroponics provides an excellent educational area on its site for hydroponics and indoor gardening. There are about five to 10 information pieces in each category: hydroponics, nutrient (a feeding calculator, mixing rates and mixing ratios, a nutrient deficiencies table, and more), indoor gardening (with such topics as controlling heat, specifications for exhaust blowers and a CO2 calculator), grow lights, manufacturers and distribotrs, and other helpful links for more information resources.

Vegetable Information
This A-Z guide of vegetable information has it all. Looking for information on anise, basil, cilantro, dandelion, eggplant, fennel, garlic, jicama, kiwifruit, leek, mints, oregano, parsley, sage, radish, sesame, tomato, or watermelon? You'll find descriptions of all of those vegetables and more on this site. In addition, there is a Tomato disorder identification guide, information on vegetables' ancestors and the history of vegetables.


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