Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Aquaponics Journal
Aquaponics is the combination of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics. The Aquaponics Journal is the voice of the aquaponics industry. The journal features the newest aquaponics technologies, as well as industry research. People who use aquaponics are featured and detail their growing in the commercial, research and educational industries, as well as those who grow via aquaponics as a hobby. The issues include feature articles, industry news, a question and answer section by Dr. James Rakocy, a calendar of events and other aquaponics resources.

Monthly Garden Tips for Southern Florida Gardeners
This site features tips that can be found in the book, "A Garden Diary: A Guide to Gardening in South Florida" by Robert G. Haehle and M.E. DePalma. This diary is a useful compilation of Haehle&s frequently asked questions from his radio show, column and personal appearances. Month by month you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, which will help you solve problems at the time they occur, along with instructions on what to do in your garden that month. Learn what, where, and when to plant; when to feed; when to water and what may be making your plant sick.

How to Choose Hydroponic Grow Lights
There are many factors to consider when choosing a grow light for your hydroponic garden. This website gives practical information such as how to figure out the square footing of the area you want to light. If you're stuck between choosing a high pressure sodium or metal halide grow light, this site suggests the metal halide fixtures for vegetative growth, and the high pressure sodium for flowering. Reflectors are also included here, and is noted as the most important part of a grow light because it's is the deciding factor in the amount of light reflected upon the plants and how uniform the light is.

New Zealand Resource for Gardeners
Best Gardening offers a whole host of information for New Zealand gardeners. Browse this site and you'll find feature articles, design ideas, practical gardening tips, garden events, and a plant notebook. Sign up for their newsletter, check out their classifieds section and read up on various garden tasks. A special A-Z index provides a wealth of information about the website and gardening.

Advice from a Kent Garden Design Expert
This UK website by Kent garden designer Adam S. Bailey offers a plethora of articles Adam has writter for either Kent Life Magazine, Meridian Magazine or the Kent County Magazine. The articles range from organic gardening, natural planting, new trees and perennials, to garden design, ground cover, drought tolerage, composting and watering. There are also articles on such topics as romantic gardening, architectural salvage and woodland gardening.


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