Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Growing Herbs in the Home Garden
This garden site features information on herbs. The history of herbs is covered, along with the definition, number, and types of herbs available; culinary herbs, aromatic herbs, ornamental herbs, medicinal herbs, herb types, herbs for beginning gardeners, outdoor herb culture tips, herb garden size, site and soil conditions, sowing herb seed, cutting and division, harvesting herbs, winter protection, indoor herb gardening, drying herbs, among many other helpful topics. This is the one-stop-show for everything and anything about herbs.

How Hydroponics Works provides a substantial introduction to the field of hydroponics. Plants grown in soil-free gardens have the perfect balance of nutrients and water delivered directly to their roots. Crops are no longer forced to expend their limited energy searching for water and food. They grow faster, larger and healthier; paving the way for an even better garden.

Irrigation Tutorials
If you're interested in do-it-yourself learning about irrigation, you've hit the motherlode with The site is not affiliatwed with irrigation, springler or relatwed equipment manufacturer, supplier or installer. The tutorials, articles and FAQs are categoried under the topics of Designing a New Irrigation System, Saving Water & Irrigation System Operation, Repairs and Fixing Irrigation Problems, Reviews of Irrigation Products, and a miscellaneous category called Is your question not answered here?. You'll learned about such topics as sprinkler irrigation design, drip irrigation, irrigation pumping, spray and rotor-type sprinklers, and much, much more. The site even provides detailed drawings, and a collection or spreadsheets for various purposed related to irrigation (e.g., for Pressure or Friction Loss in Pipes and Tubes.

Grow Light Bulbs in Hydroponic Lighting Systems
When choosing a hydroponic lighting system, it's important to know what types of lighting systems are available. This guide helps gardeners choose a grow light bulb that will suit their gardening needs. There are three types of bulbs used in grow lights that hydroponics gardeners use - Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescent. Information about each is included in this handy guide of HID lighting systems.

Canadian Gardening
Canadian Gardening Magazine provides a guide to great gardening ideas, news and fascinating facts. The Garden Talk section is a forum that lets you chat with others about gardening. Ask for help, offer assistance or just swap stories in this forum. This site also features GardenNet, which offers quick and easy access to many garden websites. The gardeners' exchange is a classified ad section. You'll find information about garden clubs and you can log in a see what this month's featured site is. You might also find a gardening with kids section useful. This magazine site is overflowing with garden information.


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