Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Food For Everyone Foundation
The purpose of the Food For Everyone Foundation is to teach and help provide the best sustainable vegetable gardening methods and materials, consistent with a healthy environment. By browsing this site, you can learn about the Mittleider Gardening Method, which the foundation thinks is the best gardening method. There are free gardening tips and techniques by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider on the site. Read up about a training project that is being conducted in Madagascar. The site offers a unique perspective on gardening. Come on in and take a look.

The Plant Expert
This short but sweet site features information on "perfect African violets" and "spring-flowering bulbs". Learn how to buy, plant and grow spring flowering-bulbs.

Gardening Secrets from the UK
At first glance, this informative website might look overwhelming, but it serves as a great tool for beginning and advanced gardeners. The homepage features a gardeners diary, which contains suggestions and tips for the month. In the top left hand corner, a "seeds to plant now" column features indoor or oudoor plants that should be planted at that particular time. Flower and garden shows & events are also listed on the first page. Dig deeper and you'll find tips, projects, pruning, pests & diseases, and gallery sections.

Flower Gardening Guide
If you enjoy flower gardening or want to get into this area of gardening, then you have come to the right site. Yvonne Cunnington, author of "Clueless in the Garden, a Guide for New Gardeners" has create this site to help you create the best garden ever. Yvonne can help you with shade gardening, flower gardening and offers tips to new gardeners. She is constantly updating the site with new articles and how-to tips on a variety of planting and growing topics. On this site, you can read up on garden design tips, perennials, flowering bulbs, rose gardening, shade gardening, ornamental grasses, wildflower gardens, climbing vines, easy water gardening, garden tools, buying plants online, garden trees and shrubs, garden care tips, and seeds for your garden. As you can see, you'll never get bored by spending time on this site. There is much to learn.

Doctor Greenfingers' Online Gardening Advice
Doc Greenfingers offers a "gardening help and advice clinic" for gardeners. Tailored for UK residents, but beneficial for everyone, you can read about jobs you can do each month in your garden. Learn how to grow fruit, vegetables & herbs by getting tips from experts. Read up on how to get your lawn looking green and weed-free. If you are a beginner gardening, you can get lots of advice on how to start a new garden. Learn how to remove and control weeds and pests. You can also get advice on buying seeds and planting them. Each section has a clinic-type name, which makes the site fun.

An Outdoor Fountain Can Help You Decorate Your Garden
When you are designing your flower or vegetable garden, be sure to add some elements that reflect your personal Taste. Garden flags and banners are a way to add your own signature to the outside space. You may also want to add a statue or two into the mix. Don't forget to include one or more garden fountains into your plans. You can combine The look of a statue with the benefits of a fountain by purchasing a statue that doubles as a fountain. Why not Check out your local retailer to see what is available?


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