Resources for Specific Types of Gardens

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Aquaponics & Hydroponics Systems
This website is a resourceful blend of information on aquaponics, hydroponics and other controlled environmental systems. Run by Nelson/Pade Multimedia and Consulting, they also provide aquaponics resources such as books, videos, CDs and aquaponics school curriculum teachings. The website features a section on current aquaponics projects, services offered, as well as information about greenhouses. The company can help people get started in the aquaponic industry, and offers aquaponic consulting information. They have the experience to help developing countries as well. Aquaponics can be incorporated into schools to help students learn about biology, botany, chemistry, agriculture and business.

Hydroponics: An Overview
When it comes to growing plants without soil, hydroponics is the term that defines it. This website gives an overview of hydroponics, which has followed a natural evolution from farms to greenhouses. The method of hydroponic gardening is a low-maintenance and efficient way to cultivate plants and crops. It involves doing routine checks on pH levels, topping up on water levels, changing nutrients every 7 to12 days and preferably using a timer to automatically turn the garden lights and off.

Gardening in the Southwest
This section on Better Homes and Gardens offers information for everything you'd need to know about creating and maintaining a colorful and low-maintenance desert Southwestern garden. Learn about low maintenance native plants for Southwestern gardens, the best plants for attacting birds or butterflies, and varieties most resistant to deer, and the plants with the most vibrant colors and most fragrant flowers. Specific articles cover such thing as the top fruit trees or top garden roses for the Southwest. The site offers tips gardening tips for specific months. There's also a question and answer section with the garden doctor.

Grow Lights for Indoor Gardeners
Indoor gardeners starting seeds and plants become very dependent on grow lights when the cold winter clouds don't let the sun and heat into the greenhouse. This article discusses the importance of grow lights. With a grow light you will find that you can get up to 10 times more lumens from a grow light, per light per bulb than if you were using a incandescent bulbs. Grow lights give the plants heat and light that they need to grow. It discusses how recent advances in fluourescent technologies give you a lot of options. You can use fluorescent to start seeds or grow full-size plants. Specific lamps are discussed, such as the T-12 and T-8 and high-output T5 fluorescent, which product twice the light. There are also compacts and high-intesity discharge (HID) lights, and many more.

Bonsai for the Beginner
This vastly informative page and site discussed topics such as bonsai for the lazy beginner, tips, bonsai related law, bonsai supplies and suppliers and a plethora of bonsai links.

Garden Tips from Susan's Garden Patch
This site offers up gardening tips on interior vs. exterior gardens, containers and ornaments, budgeting and organizing, weeding, watering and staking, flagstones, pruning and spacing, vines and pictures and winter protection and decorative rocks. Susan features sections on annuals, bulbs, dahlias, lawns, soil, shrubs, perennials and even roses.


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